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global amines is the global platform for production and sales of fatty amines and selected amines derivatives. Beside our headquarters in Singapore, we have own production capacities for amines in Lianyungang, China, and Gendorf, Germany, as well as access to basic amine capacities of Clariant in Brazil and Mexico. A new production capacity in Gresik, Indonesia is also expected to commence by early 2022. For amine derivatives, we have access to around a dozen multi-purpose-plants (MPP) of Clariant all around the globe.

The global footprint will give us a unique proximity to our customers and allow us to leverage our competitiveness along the integrated value chain.


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global amines focus on amine derivatives such as betaines, amine oxides or benzyl quats and on tertiary and primary amines. Based on the over 50 years of legacy in this business, we can build on a strong technical reliability.

amines & derivatives

  • amido betaines (CAPB)
  • alkyl betaines
  • amido amine oxides
  • amine oxides
  • ampho acetates
  • benzyl quats
  • primary amines
  • tertiary amines

Global Amines Locations