Sustainability Policy (November 2021)


Global Amines Company and its subsidiaries (later referred as Global Amines) commit themselves to ethical and sustainable operation and development in all business activities according to Global Amines own code of conduct. Global Amines strives for a business culture of continuous improvement as well as for sustainable competitiveness and top performance in consideration of Global Amines ethical standards.


Global Amines bears an ethical responsibility for sustainable economic and ecological, as well as fair business practices. Social responsibility is therefore an integral component of our company's philosophy. Global Amines employees are cultured to assume responsibility in line with their function, level of authority and qualification.

Global Amines Management System

Global Amines Management System subscribes and forms the company's documented structural framework as the basis for objectives and programs. The system complies with relevant ISO standards. Achieving and maintaining a high level of quality across all aspects of our businesses, our ESH related activities and social responsibility is our understanding of Sustainability.

Compliance, Safety, Security and Environment

Compliance with laws, international standards, internal regulations, and Global Amines' Code of Conduct is a basic requirement for all our activities. Global Amines appreciates voluntary initiatives and supports development of effective and efficient safety, health and environmental and energy regulations. Among Global Amines' most important objectives are the safety and security of its activities and the protection of people and environment. We set protection goals for our production plants and evaluate all aspects of our activities.

Risks and Emergency Management

Assessment of risks related to our operations and products are integral elements to our business processes. Emergency organization is in place to ensure comprehensive emergency management and response.

Product Stewardship

We are convinced that it will be essential to understand our customers' needs. Customer focus is the key to our business. We permanently review our product portfolio to add value to our customers and to our environment. Concurrently we secure that our products can be used over their entire life cycle in a safe manner for employees, customers, the public and the environment.

Sustainable Operation and Processes

In its environmental policy Global Amines recognizes the value, importance and necessity of sustainably managing its operations such that the present needs of society are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and enjoy the same resources we have today.

This includes safe risk management for operations and products as well as efficient use of resources, based on a continuous improvement culture and firm performance management.

Third Party Management

Our aim is to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our third party suppliers and contractors in order to support our services on the basis of our internal ESHQ ambitions. We encourage our suppliers and service providers to adopt standards comparable to Global Amines policies.


Global Amines fosters a culture of proactive and transparent communication as key to trusting and reliable relationships.

Monitoring and Review

We monitor and review all business aspects and processes at regular intervals. Observing our quality and performance is an integral component of our business processes and business objectives

Sustainable Procurement

With its policy on sustainable procurement, Global Amines embeds the principles of sustainability into its procurement activities to ensure a balanced consideration of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) as well as economic impacts throughout the procurement process.

Ernesto Horikoshi
Group General Manager
Global Amines Company PTE. Ltd.

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